HSA Guided Portfolio®

The HSA Guided Portfolio® tool allows HSA investment accountholders to personalize their asset allocation, using a variety of criteria including; general health, HSA financial metrics and risk appetite. Once an allocation has been selected, they are then given the opportunity to implement and automatically rebalance those changes in their HSA investment account.

Guided Investment Choices

We each have unique circumstances and our HSA investments should reflect that. That is why we believe in “We Guide, You Choose”. This allows accountholders to ultimately choose their investment options and their rebalancing timing to meet their unique needs.

User Friendly

We've strived to make this calculator as friendly as possible for beginner investors while offering advanced capabilities for experienced users. Throughout the calculator users can intuitively access research, investment tools and helpful resources.

Automated Features

Automatic scheduled rebalancing functionality makes it easier for accountholders to maintain their asset allocation strategy, eliminating the need for manual rebalancing.

“We Guide, You Choose”